Protein powder and Super Shakes

Protein powder and Super Shakes

In a rush? The Super Shake is a delicious (and fast) way to get protein in you.


Eating protein with every meal can help you lose fat and get healthy.

All it takes to follow your new habit is a little bit of planning, a little experimentation (like trying new food), and a little cooking.

But what about eating on the run?

Easy: Try a quick and tasty Super Shake.

The Super Shake

The Super Shake is a “meal in a glass”: A mix of protein and whole foods like fruits, veggies, and nuts.

Unlike the sugar-filled smoothies you get at most “healthy” juice bars, Super Shakes is a truly nutritious choice when you need high-quality food but don’t have a lot of time.

Let’s start with one of the main ingredients.

Protein powder

High-Quality protein powder is packed with nutrients that will help you lose fat and keep you satisfied until your next meal.

Protein powder isn’t magic. You don’t need it.

If you want to stick to “real food”, that’s cool.

If you can tolerate dairy, cottage cheese or strained Greek yoghurt can also work in a shake.

But protein powder is a convenient, portable, relatively non-perishable source of protein. And it tastes better in a Super Shake than a can of tuna.

What to look for

Stick to the basics.

  • Look for powders without too much junk in them, especially sugar, colouring, artificial flavours, and other “sports supplements” you don’t need.
  • Look for digestive enzymes on the label; these can make protein powder a little more gut-friendly.
  • Look for a type that you know you can digest. If dairy isn’t your friend (as you may have learned yesterday), avoid whey and casein, and try a plant-based version.


There are a lot of high-quality brands out there.

To determine whether it’s “good” or not, simply look at the ingredients.

Usually, the fewer there are, the better the protein powder is.

Try some Super Shake recipes

If you’d like to see a few Super Shake examples from our Its Not A Diet recipe books


What to do today

  1. Consider adding some high-quality protein powder to your protein roster.
    You don’t have to, of course. But protein powder is another quick, easy protein option.

See if you can find one of our recommended brands. If not, that’s OK. Just pick a basic protein powder without a lot of ingredients.

  1. Try making your own Super Shake.
    Whether you create your own concoction or follow one of our recipes, there’s no “right or wrong” here.

Just have some fun in the kitchen while getting enough protein.

  1. Eat lean protein with each meal.
    Keep working on getting protein consistently, and eating protein types that YOU enjoy.
  2. Eat… err… drink slowly, to 80% full.
    Yes, Super Shakes taste great and they go down easy, but don’t rush it or over-fill yourself.

Remember: A Super Shake is still a meal.

Sip instead of guzzling. Enjoy your new high-protein creation. And stop when you’re 80% full. Your digestion (and waistline) will thank you.



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