Move Better

Led by Jonathan, our in-house coaching specialists provide world-class personal training tailored to your toning and weight-loss goals.

I offer training at your homes, local parks or office.

I already look after the diet, fitness wellbeing needs of many clients, so we understand the demands of your lifestyle. Through our experience, i know how precise changes in the way you train, eat and sleep can have profound benefits to your life and career.

I will work with you and your schedule using our expertise in strength training, yoga, martial arts, rehab, nutrition and stress-resilience to build your personal plan which will help you achieve measurable and lasting results.

I will help you look, feel, think and perform like an athlete. Over the years, this package has transformed an eclectic mix of clients. It doesn’t matter what you do, or how fit or unfit you are.

In your free consultation, we take your circumstances into account and prescribe a training solution that will optimally suit your needs. Please contact us below for a call or meeting with Jonathan.