Eat Better

What you eat and drink is key to your transformation, and it’s my job to make sure we get your intake right for you.

From fad diets to detoxes and the latest so-called superfood to ‘clean’ eating, there’s a welter of choices and confusing health advice out there. But most of it misses the point. And that point is the basic principle of nutrition.

Information alone isn’t enough. Nor are good intentions, clever ideas, magic plans, or all the youtube videos or Scientific textbooks in the world.

You need to do something, consistently, in order to change your body and your habits.

Of course, action doesn’t “just happen”. You need a system. A plan.

Exercise & Food

And you need accountability from us, making sure you’re doing what you need to do to get where you want to go.

Weekly practices

We give you a little task to do every week. That task is clear, simple, do-able, and tailored to your individual skill level. We give you only one at a time.

You choose how to do that task. And you tell us whether you’ve done it.
We give you one to two weeks to practice that one task, until you’re a bit more familiar with it.

Over time, you watch those weekly practices add up, until they’re habits that are seamlessly integrated into your life.

Your “it’s not a diet” eBook will explain it all and introduce you to effective practices of nutrition. Sample healthy diets and a selection of delicious meal plans are provided, but really the aim is to educate you on how to build your own personalised nutrition plan. It’s a real opportunity to lose bad eating habits and embrace a healthier diet.

Once you’ve created your plan it won’t just keep you energised and satisfied for the length of your programme, it’ll help you maintain your results and achieve your on-going health and fitness goals.