Limiting factors

Limiting factors

To achieve great results, you must master one crucial skill, the ability to find your limiting factors – the things that keep you and reaching your goals – and remove them.


Find what’s holding you back. Find out what’s keeping you from succeeding. And fix it.


If you look at people’s limiting factors in terms of their ability to be healthy, to lose fat, and to gain muscle, there are only a few types of limits.


  1. Their genetic makeup
  2. Their physical activity patterns
  3. Their physiology
  4. Their mindset
  5. Their nutrition




Do your genes limit you. Seriously doubt it. You may not be equipped to play premiership football or win the Tour de France. In other words, you may not have the genetic makeup to reach the upper echelons of elite performance. Despite these limiting factors, you can still improve your health, lose fat, and/or gain muscle by getting the right advice and implementing it. In the years of working with all kinds of people from office workers to athletes, we’ve yet to find a single case where we couldn’t improve their body composition, health profile and performance significantly.




Is your limiting factor your physical activity. It’s possible, especially if you are completely sedentary. Indeed, if your daily activity involves nothing more than moving from one piece of furniture to another, your exercise habits (or lack of) are probably one of your limiting factors. Getting fitter, leaner, and healthier all require both active lifestyle as well as a commitment to purposeful, regular, intense exercise. If you sit at the desk all day and then go home to sit some more, you probably cultivate metabolic decline, fat gain, muscle loss, and lifestyle-related disease. You just don’t take enough steps in a day. If you measure your steps per day, anything under 5000 per day is classified sedentary and at higher risk of early death, disease and being overweight. Those who do over 10000 steps are considered active; not surprisingly, they have lower body weights, less body fat and improved health.


Purposeful exercise alone, while marginally better than nothing never seems to produce the results that purposeful exercise plus increased general physical activity(i.e. more steps) plus nutritional control can provide.




While exercise and nutrition can help almost everyone make substantial improvements, specific physiological imbalances may impede results depending on how severe these imbalances are. Thyroid imbalance, gastrointestinal dysfunction and sex hormone imbalances are just a few examples you can be having difficulties with weight loss, muscle gain or athletic performance.




All the knowledge in the world doesn’t mean a thing if no action is taken. Your attitude can be critical in determining whether or not you stick with exercise & nutrition practices. Research as shown that body composition changes and performance are improved when you visualise attaining your goals.




Whether you want to gain muscle, lose fat, pursue a healthy lifestyle, the most limiting factor is almost always nutrition. Poor nutrition is what holds you back. Proper nutrition is what propels you forward. Good food feeds muscle and helps shed fat. It improves nearly every measurable health marker. It drastically enhances recovery and mood, so you can exercise – whether it’s purposeful or just part of your daily lifestyle – harder, longer, and more frequently. Proper nutrition will get you the body you never thought could have. And it’s the most significant factor determining your outcome.




Let’s dump out all the ridiculous, oversimplified, often erroneous media mythology you’ve been exposed to make some room for the right information. Let’s start with four critical criteria that all good nutrition plans must meet.


Proper nutrition properly controls energy balance

Good food provides nutrient density

Proper nutrition achieves health, body composition and performance goals.

Proper nutrition is honest and outcome-based

Good food is sustainable for the planet


If you’d like to hear more about the results our clients achieve, we’ve lots more testimonials here, or, if you’re interested in finding out more about the programme, please get in touch with the team who will be delighted to help.

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