Greek Salmon Pita Sandwich

Greek Salmon Pita Sandwich

Greek Salmon Pita Sandwiches are stuffed full of lemon pepper-flavoured salmon tossed with Greek yoghurt. Tomatoes and red onion add some crunch and feta cheese and fresh dill make this a quick and easy lunch with so much flavour.



TIME        5 minutes


CALORIES     514

PROTEIN       44

CARBS            32

FATS               24

FIBRE            3



280 grams poached salmon

2 tablespoons Fat-free Greek yoghurt

50 grams chopped cucumber

40 grams finely chopped red onion

10cherry tomatoes halved

2 tablespoons feta cheese

1 teaspoon chopped

fresh dill

2 leaves lettuce

1pitta bread pocket, cut in half



In a bowl, gently combine the salmon, yoghurt, cucumber, red onion, tomatoes, feta cheese, and dill. Stuff generous amounts of the mixture with a crisp lettuce leaf into pita pockets and serve


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