Focus on right now 

Focus on right now 

There is no “end”. There is no “after”. 

Jon Nardinochi Personal Training is about “how you live” — staying true to “yourself”. 

You are accountable for “your” body. 

It’s not a “diet” or “temporary thing” that “ends”. 

Once you’ve made the changes you wanted to make, you’ll transition into maintenance. 

You might even set other fitness goals 

In reality, there’s no “after”. 

There’s… your life. 

Our goal is:

We want you to “live” your healthy values and choices in ways that work for “you”…not blindly follow what “experts,” say. 

We want you to stay honest and ask, “How’s that working for me?”…not to get stuck on rigid, abstract “rules” and “shoulds”. 

We want you to use and enjoy your body — to have adventures, get out in the open

We want you to find and develop your strengths…not to obsess over your “weaknesses”. 

For you, we want the alignment of body, mind, spirit, and life. True health

Focus on right now 

To do all those great things, you need to stay focused in the right now. 

On doing the few things that truly matter. 

 — instead of the outcome 

Do ONE small thing to live it. Take action to make it happen. 



A Bigger world, and do fun stuff… not to shrink your universe to calories and carb grams and minutes of intervals.

We want you to use your health and new knowledge to help other people…not to become a self-involved, body-obsessed bellybutton-voyeur. 

We want you to feel happiness, and creativity…not anxiety, fear, and focused on “flaws”. 

We want you to build your best self while not feeding the dark side. 

On living your deeper purpose and values. 

On experiencing whatever life offers you 

On making your fitness mission statement a reality. 


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