Fat-Free may not mean low in calories

Fat-Free may not mean low in calories

Just because food is fat-free, does not mean the food is calorie-free. Sometimes the manufacturer will add sugar to compensate for the lack of fat and improve the flavour.

Calories are the key when it comes to weight loss, so always check the back label and compare the calories in the fat-free version verses the fat-containing products.

Whichever product has the fewest calories is going to best help with weight loss regardless of whether the food has fat or not. Also, compare all the brands to determine which has the fewest calories per serving.

Be careful of serving sizes. Many products list different serving sizes for their product. For instance, one brand will contain the calories for 1/2 cup while another brand will list the calories for 3/4 a bowl so you will need to take the different sizes into account when deciding which product has the most calories.

Sometimes “fat-free” products are, in fact, lower in calories. If fat-free products are lower in calories, they may help with weight loss. If we were all perfect, we would only eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and dairy – but most of us are going to want the occasional cookie.

Although many “fat-free” products will have very few other nutrients or vitamins and minerals, the fat-free products may be a better choice than the alternative for weight loss as long as the fat-free product is truly lower in calories.

On the other hand, We sometimes tend to overeat fat-free foods because we think, ‘Oh, this is fat-free, I can eat as much as I want.

Fat-free products will have calories, so you should stick to serving size, or you will end up eating the same or more calories than you would have of the higher fat product.

So are fat-free products good or bad to eat? The answer is both.

If the fat-free product is lower in calories, it may be a better alternative to a higher calorie snack, but you should always check the calories on the back label, and eat nutrient-dense foods most of the time.

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